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As a SWANA woman living in the United States, my artwork serves as a reflection of my experiences and a commentary on sociopolitical issues. Through a diverse array of mediums including images, videos, sculptures, and installations, I delve into the struggles surrounding my cultural identity and its perception in my new home, creating a personal space for viewers to engage with my journey.

My studio practice is deeply rooted in the exploration of materials and forms that resonate with the concepts I aim to convey. Utilizing materials such as cast iron, plastic, fabric, ceramic, hair, and the interplay of light and shadows, I address topics ranging from violations of women's rights in Iran, including the mandatory hijab, to recent feminist movements like the Woman Life Freedom protests. Text also plays a significant role in my work, drawing inspiration from the history of critical commentary hidden within Persian poetry and visual arts. By incorporating politically charged writings like news articles, propaganda, and feminist poetry, I transform them into patterns using the curves of Persian calligraphy, boldly asserting themselves in the space and confronting the viewer.

As a conceptually driven artist, I intentionally select materials and forms that align with the underlying concept of each project. By addressing issues that hold profound significance in my life and resonate with others, I aim to foster meaningful dialogue and reflection on broader global challenges faced by women. Through my art, I seek to amplify marginalized voices, challenge societal norms, and advocate for social change.

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